What is clutter?

Clutter is anything in your life that no longer serves you.  This includes the things, people and activities that weigh heavily on you, negatively impacting your life.  

Clutter reduces the usability of your living space and your life. It keeps you from enjoying the things that matter to you.

There is a solution.

What is Clutter Busting?

Clutter Busting helps you let go of the clutter in your life.

Through his phone clutter busting sessions, and his two books on clutter busting, Brooks Palmer helps you take an honest look at the things in your living space and life. Brooks helps you breaks the emotional hold to your clutter, so you clearly see what is no longer a part of your life. You’ll find you easily let go of the things that used to have a hold on you. As the clutter goes, you feel peace of mind.

Brooks’ Clutter Busting techniques have changed the lives of his clients. By eliminating the clutter, they find they have made the space for new ideas to thrive. They are able to maintain the organization in their homes and in their lives. 

Take back your space.

There is hope regardless of how bad you think your clutter situation is. As you let go of your clutter, you will become free, fresh, creative & self-reliant. Together we’ll make your living space a place you will cherish. You’ll feel good about coming home again.

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I contacted Brooks Palmer for help with a room that was jammed with things I never use but could not bring myself to thin out. We accomplished more in a two-hour phone session than I had done during several previous solo attempts.

I highly recommend working with Brooks, whose gentle but persistent style of questioning helped me acknowledge my instincts to let go. It was not only a decluttering session but personal training in how to think about things, and even activities, that are no longer relevant and just get in the way of "now."
--Elizabeth, Salt Lake City