"In one afternoon, I saved myself three years of therapy." 
--Angela, Real Estate Broker

"I couldn't do it on my own.  Brooks helped me help myself." 
--Marilyn, Writer and Mother of Two 

"I couldn't believe how much better my bedroom felt. I got the first good night sleep of my life!"
--Camille, Stockbroker

Clutter Busting Tips

Tip 1: Find Your Space.

  1. Be patient. There’s no need to push yourself or to try Clutter Busting your entire place in one sitting. Approach one area at a time.

  2. A good place to start is any room or closet that you would rather turn away from than enter.

Tip 2: Clear Your Space.

  1. Clutter is sticky. Look for things that have piled up or been layered together. Chances are you can toss all of it.

  2. Avoid the habit of hiding things that you don’t want to look at. If something is buried on the bottom of a box, underneath other clutter, it still affects you. Everything you own is attached to you in a subtle way. If it is a detriment, it will drag you down.

  3. Toss anything that is broken, that can’t be fixed, or that you won’t take to be fixed.

  4. Select a category of things, e.g., books, clothes, dishes, CDs. Go through your home like you’re walking through a store and looking at each item in the category.

  5. Assess each of the items and ask yourself if you’d buy it now. If you say, “Yes,” it stays. If you wouldn’t buy it, then toss it.

Tip 3: Use Your Space.

  1. Donate, recycle, or trash everything that doesn’t serve you.

  2. Live, work, and play in your space for at least a week before deciding how you’ll use your new space, and before buying anything new.

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